Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson receives the Forbes Norris Award

Dr. Matthew Kiernan, Last year's recipient, presents the Forbes Norris award to Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson.

Dr. Matthew Kiernan, Last year's recipient, presents the Forbes Norris award to Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson.

During the Joint Opening Session of the 26th International Symposium on ALS/MND in Orlando, Florida, December 11, 2015,  Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson was recognized by her peers with the Forbes Norris Award. The award was presented by last year's recipient, Dr. Matthew Kiernan.

"Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson has been working in ALS/MND care and research for more than 30 years. She established and still directs one of the largest and most comprehensive ALS/MND clinics in the world, the MDA/ALS Center of Hope at Drexel University College of Medicine. In this role, she sets an example for all clinicians through her unwavering optimism, respect for patient autonomy and responsiveness to their needs. Through her research, she has improved our understanding of SOD1 mouse models, non-invasive ventilation, nutrition in ALS/MND and biomarkers. She continues to be a thought-leader in this field, with major national and international roles at ALS Untangled, the National ALS Research Group, the Northeast ALS Consortium and the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations.

Above all, Dr. Heiman-Patterson is the type of neurologist that everybody with ALS/MND should wish to have as a doctor, and the type of role model to whom we should all aspire. She is a highly accomplished physician and scientist who has retained her compassion for people with ALS/MND, while also contributing to the scientific pursuit of new insights into the causes and treatments of this disease. She does all of this with a degree of modesty and humility that often belies her razor-sharp mind. She is a truly worthy recipient of the Forbes Norris Award."

 The Forbes Norris Award, first presented in 1994, honors the memory of Dr. Forbes "Ted" Norris (1928-1993), a neurologist dedicated to helping people with ALS/MND. The purpose of this prestigious Award is to encourage advancement in the management and understanding of ALS/MND, to the benefit of people living with the disease worldwide. 

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