John "Jackie" Buzby

I was born Valentines Day, 1953, and have five siblings, two brothers and three sisters. As a youth, I participated in baseball and ice hockey, and as a young man, I continued playing ice and roller hockey. I married my wife Sandy in 1972, and we have two wonderful sons, Paul and Kevin, as well as a wonderful daughter-in-law, Michelle, and a grandson, David. When I was diagnosed in October 2014, it was the most devastating day of my life. First, I had no idea what ALS was, and having to break this news to my family was gut-wrenching. Then, I was referred to ALS Hope, Dr. Patterson and her team. That was the best thing that could have happened. Seeing the team every three months gives me peace of mind, as I've told the Doctor in the past. Though ALS takes my physical abilities away, the emotional part is just about as bad as the disease itself. Though I am having difficulties doing what most people take as normal, I have a great support team in my friends and the ALS Hope team, and especially my family. I am hoping that the cure for ALS is found sometime in the near future.