The ALS Hope Foundation is proud to support individual funds that honor those whose lives have been impacted by ALS. To learn more about individual funds, please contact the ALS Hope Foundation office.

Bob Sinnott Fund

Neil and Sharon Balick Fund

  • Pennsylvania ALS Research Consortium

  • National ALS Research Group on Genetic Modifiers

  • Translational Research Program (studying inflammation in ALS)

  • Assistive Technology Program of the Independent Living Initiative

Tom Corrigan Fund

  • Supports basic and clinical research

The Jeffrey Deitch Travel Grant 

Carol Fox Kochenbach Research Fund

  • Supports research on genetic and gender modifiers in the mouse model of ALS and clinical Research at the MDA/ALS Center of Hope

Bo and Zelinda LeBoutillier Research Fellowship

  • Post-graduate research fellowships in ALS

Kevin O'Donnell Independent Living Initiative

  • Assistive technology development

  • Adapted hospital rooms designed especially for people with ALS

Joshua Tkachuk Memorial Fund

The Harold B. Furman Memorial Fund

Tony and Debbie Andreocci Fund

  • Tony Andreocci is sporting the ALS Hope Foundation's logo on his race car to raise awareness and general funds to support our mission.

Hope Bridges Fund

  • Provides funding for home care program

Pat Dolan Fund