Someone I Love Has ALS


Someone I Love Has ALS is now available! We would like to send a huge thank-you to Jodi O'Donnell-Ames for all of the love and commitment she poured into this book. We would also like to thank our team members Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson, Sara Feldman, Mary Paolone, and Latoya Weaver for the care and time they put into their chapters. Finally, thanks to publisher Jack Tatar for believing in and publishing this work.  

All proceeds from the sale of this guide for ALS caregivers will benefit the ALS Hope Foundation and our sister organization Hope Loves Company, a non-profit that offers support services to children who are affected by ALS in the family.

Copies of Someone I Love Has ALS will be available in at the MDA/ALS Center of Hope shortly. Get yours in clinic! You can also purchase the book through Amazon.  If you purchase them through Amazon, don't forget to use Amazon Smile!   

Click on the link below.