Dr. Stephen Senderoff: A friend from the beginning.


Dr. Stephen Senderoff was a strong supporter of the  ALS Hope Foundation and the MDA/ALS Center of Hope from the very beginning. He was a brilliant research scientist and accomplished musician. Over his 20 year battle with ALS, Stephen managed to put on on many events like "A Concert for Hope" at the Kimmel Center in 2010 for the benefit of the ALS Hope Foundation. We send our condolences to his wife  Patricia and his family. He was one of our Courage Heart recipients in 2013  because of his proactive  role in the fight against ALS, advocating for PALS and supporting the ALS Hope Foundation while courageously battling ALS himself.

"When a disease is curable, most doctors can administer the cure. When a disease has no cure, no one can cure you. But you can heal. The team led by Dr. Terry Heiman-Patterson at the MDA/ALS Center of Hope are master healers. They heal the incurable, and bring light and hope into a place of frightening darkness."